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    The Leading Private Exporters of Kenyan Coffee. For Almost 100 Years.

We are pioneers of the Kenyan coffee industry.

The Rashid Moledina name has been trusted and respected in global coffee markets for almost 100 years. We agree with other coffee experts: Kenyan coffee is superb. As the leading private exporter of Kenyan coffee, our commitment is to get the best coffee from plantations throughout Kenya into mugs all over the world.

Our Start

In 1906, Rashid Moledina left India for Mombasa, Kenya where he began working for other commodity traders. Over the next 20 years, there in the primary trading hub of East Africa, he learned the business of trade. It was in May 1926, after establishing himself in the trade community, that he founded Rashid Moledina & Co., (Msa) Ltd. From humble beginnings the company grew and is now one of the top ten coffee exporters in Kenya.

How did we get here?

We credit our success to dedication in quality control and tailored customer service. Our customers know that every bag of coffee we ship is inspected. And our quality-enhancing equipment—including gravity separators, graders, and sorting machines—provides you with coffee of the highest standard and consistent quality.

We are a family business

We are proud of our reliable coffee export legacy that Rashid Moledina began almost 100 years ago, and we are excited to see that legacy live on.

Our Coffee

Coffee was first introduced in Kenya at the end of the 19th century. The climate and rich highland terrain in Kenya offer ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. This is why Kenyan coffee is superb and flourishes as a major agricultural export.

In 2014, Kenya exported 47.4 million kg of coffee to more than 30 countries. The production base includes both small- and large-scale producers. Small-scale producers account for 55% of total production, and large-scale producers account for the remaining 45%.

Kenyan coffee is now reputed to be one of the finest Arabica coffee in the world.

In addition to Kenya’s ideal environmental conditions, stringent national quality control standards maximize coffee quality. After it is milled, all Kenyan coffee is graded based on bean size.

The ‘AA’ grade is the highest of 12 possible grades and is assigned to what are generally the largest beans. Kenya is renowned worldwide for its large, high quality beans.

While size often indicates quality, there are many factors that determine high quality coffee.

Kenyan coffee are famed for their mellow and well-balanced taste and colour.

They are normally medium-bodied with plenty of palate acidity and are highly aromatic.

Exporters purchase coffee in Kenya at weekly auctions in Nairobi. Our coffee buyer spends days painstakingly sampling the spectrum of deliciously complex coffee before purchasing.

Coffee that make the cut tend to have a powerful black currant bouquet, a hearty full body, and a satisfying high-altitude grown acidity. This combination produces a deliciously distinctive flavour, making Rashid Moledina coffee the best way to start your morning.


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